They may share all the same letters but they are definitely not the same thing; let me explain.

Personas are a subjective grouping used to give a "personality" to users in your CRM that share common traits. E.g. if you run an online pet store you may create a 'cat lover' persona to target cat lovers and a 'dog lover' to target dog owners. You are then able to persona-lise® a landing page or email campaign to target your different audiences.

Personalisation however speaks to an individual and not a persona group. E.g. you can opt to include a recipient's first name on an email campaign or even landing page. This is unique to the individual and if the information is not know, Kulea will default to a generic substitute.

Read more about personas, how to create a persona and how to persona-lise® an email campaign or landing page. We also have a guide to how to personalise an email or landing page.