We all know that email marketing remains one of the most effective communication tools in marketing and can be used to acquire new customers, upsell to existing customers and win back previous customers.

Persona-lised campaigns


Kulea surpasses the likes of MailChimp and Campaign Monitor in that you’re not just sending mass emails at the click of a button but rather Kulea reviews a user’s browsing history before determining which persona they fall into and serves the content accordingly (i.e. a persona-lised campaign) without you having to create different mailing lists for different target groups.

Kulea also send emails on your behalf as part of your customer journeys without you having to do anything (well apart from the initial setup).

Why is this distinction important?

Well just because someone signed up doesn’t mean your campaigns are of interest to them. You may have my email address because I purchased a dress from you last year, but what you’ve not realised (until now and because you installed Kulea) is that ever since I’ve been browsing and buying men’s clothing. That’s because I’m a bloke who happened to buy a dress for my wife and you’ve been spamming me with women’s fashion ever since! Kulea will pick up on this immediately, and even if I had accidently provided my wife’s first name, it would still send me men’s fashion as that’s what I’ve been looking at recently.

Similarly I may have purchased a bathroom from you recently but I have no intention of buying another in the next five years so bombarding me your weekly specials will just make me unsubscribe and possibly question the quality of your product. Instead of adding me to a mass mailing list, you can email me strategically as part of a customer journey. I may revisit the website a year on to look at accessories, for example, and my new lead score triggers an email welcoming me back and offering me a loyalty discount.

Whether you’re emailing as part of a customer journey or seasonal campaign, the setting up of an email is the same … here’s how you do it:

1) Navigate to ‘email’ > ‘create’

2) Select a layout that best suits the content of your email

3) A preview of the email will show on the left:
        Navigation for personas is available at the top of the preview

        The drop down, which defaults to ‘wysiwyg’, allows you to select the device of choice and the preview will update accordingly

        The preview also acts as navigation; simply click the content area you wish to edit (the selected section will get a yellow border highlight) and the details will show on the right

4) Content for each section will show on the right:

At an overview level, you’ll see the top bar holds navigation to the ‘layout’, ‘add a section’ and ‘behind the scenes’

As you drill down deeper into the different content areas this navigation is replaced to confirm the section you are currently editing and allows you to add content for your different personas and navigate between the persona-lised content accordingly

Simply click the ‘< back’ button (at the top of the right hand panel’) to get back to the content overview

Each theme has different content sections associated with it and you are able to add or remove content sections as required:

To add a new content section, click the ‘add a section’ button and select the content section you want to add.

New content sections are added to the very bottom of the email & the right hand panel automatically updates so you can edit the content

Many content sections are made up of content ‘blocks’, e.g: Each content block on a 2-column section is made up of an image, title, editorial summary and call to action

To move content sections around the email, first ensure you’re on the ‘layout’ tab (just keep clicking the  ‘< back’ button at the top of the right hand panel to get back to the content overview). Then click and hold the ‘x’ icon on the right of the content section you wish to move and simply drag it up or down the list. The preview on the left will update accordingly.

To delete a content section, simply click the red ‘trash’ icon.

To duplicate a content section, simply click the ‘blue’ duplicate icon and then move the new content section as required

To edit a content section:

Select the content section on the left preview OR click the green ‘pencil’ icon on the right OR click the field of interest on the right

Content will always default to Persona X; to add content for another persona, simply click into the dropdown in the blue bar (above the right hand panel), select the persona and click the green ‘+’ icon

Complete the content areas as required (for all the personas required for the email campaign)

To add personalised content to any of the content areas, simply click ‘+ CRM’ field; select the CRM field you want to add together with the alternative text

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 10.49.59.png

  1. Add the personalised content by clicking the green ‘+’ icon

  2. You’ll notice a number of tags have been added to the field itself. These cater for the personalisation and alternative copy (used for unknown users) and consist of an opening tag that detects if the user is a known user - [[if-chosen CRM field]] then the CRM field itself [[chosen CRM field]] & the text associated with it. The CRM field is then closed  [[/chosen CRM field]] & the ‘else’ statement added [[else -chosen CRM field]] to ensure the alternative text for unknown users is added and then closed  [[/else-chosen CRM field]]


  1. Don’t delete these; if you do the personalisation won’t work correctly.

  2. You can add as many CRM fields as you like to any content area

And repeat for each content section to fully populate your email

To preview your email for an unknown user, simply click ‘Preview’
To preview your email and double check both personalised and persona-lised content works correctly, simply:

Click the ‘Who am I?’ button to choose a user for the preview

A new tab will open and you’ll be presented with a list of your users

Select a user to represent Persona X by clicking on the ID

Go back to the kulea tab on your browser and the click the ‘Preview’ button

The email will open on a new browser and all content representative of the chosen user

Repeat the process for your other personas

To save your email, simply click ‘save’ (top left)

Campaign mailing
Kulea asks you to provide a set of 'test' emails which it will verify you have access / ownership of before using them as part of the campaign testing. If you haven't already, you will need to set these up first in 'campaigns' > 'test'. To send your email as a traditional mass mail campaign, simply navigate to 'campaigns' > 'create' and complete the required information.

Email as part of a customer journey
To send your email as part of a customer journey, simply navigate to 'automation' > 'journeys', select the relevant journey to edit and add an email to the journey by selecting and dragging the green 'mail' icon to the appropriate point in your customer journey. You can then select your email from the dropdown.

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