Personas are a well-recognised technique for better understanding your customers and are a composite of your typical customer’s shared traits. Think stereotypes, but remember that these personas are completely unique to your business.

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By grouping customers together by their shared traits and attaching a face, a name, even a personality, to your ‘typical’ customers, you are better able to create targeted communications and gain critical insight on your customers.

Remind me, what’s a shared trait?

A trait common to ten or more customers in your database would be considered a shared trait.

These could be the industry they work in, the geographical area they live in and even their gender, for example. All those who work in the same industry sector share this ‘industry sector’ trait and all the men in your database share a ‘gender' trait.

We analyse your database and use it to identify these shared traits. The more ‘column headings’ (i.e. segments) you have in your database, the more shared traits we’re likely to find and the more you’ll be able to flesh out your personas.

It's not just about the stereotype

Personas help categorise customers into stereotypes and although this is really helpful you should also be thinking about using personas to help identify key differentiators that you can tap into.

These key differentiators will allow you to focus on what is important to each persona and it’s this that allows you to target content specifically to each persona.

Key differentiators will be different for every business but to give you an example, imagine we’re in the mobile phone business. One of our key differentiators could be a preferred platform. The old Apple vs Android battle.

Say for example that Bob from accounts loves gadgets - preferably the latest and ideally android; he’s not an Apple fan and he imagines himself to be a bit of a techie at heart. Sally from marketing however loves to travel and only uses Apple products; her first smartphone was an iPhone and she’s not looked back since.

I think you’ll agree, based on the two personas above, that there’s no point in sending Sally a promotional email for the new android phone. Nor is it worthwhile sending Bob to Apple’s latest translation app in the App Store.

Sally however is likely to respond well to a splash promotion for Apple’s new translation app on our homepage. And Bob, well even though he’s visiting our website at the same time as Sally, I think we agree that we should replace the Apple promotion with a more suitable Android alternative.

Kulea does this all for you!

Cool huh?

You don’t need to worry about sending out multiple list based email marketing campaigns or creating hundreds of different web pages – we analyse your customer data and dynamically populate your emails and website with persona-lised® content based on the persona’s you’ve created. How cool is that?

All you need to do is create your personas; click here for our step-by-step guide >