You can preview persona-lised® content in your emails and landing pages within Kulea and in your web browser. See films and a step by step guide below 

Previewing persona-lised® content within Kulea:

Previewing persona-lised® content within your web browser:

You can preview Persona-lised® content on both your email and your landing pages really quickly simply by clicking through the persona tabs at the top of your page.  Just under the tabs, you'll also see a screen renderer that allows you to view your content in different screen sizes. 

However, it's worth noting that when viewing you content within the Kulea app, it will always show you the anonymous user view i.e. the view someone would see if Kulea didn't recognise them.

To view a known user experience, you'll need to jump out of the Kulea app, and onto your browser.  

Step 1. If you haven't already made an association between your browser and your contact record in Kulea (Kulea needs this in order to personalise the webpage), simply create a form page, preview it by clicking the blue preview button at the top of the editor page, and when the new window opens, complete your details.  Voila!  You have now created an association (if you already see your own details when opening up a form, then you're already got an association in place)

Step 2. Now, simply repeat the process and preview your newly created landing page or email.  Kulea will automatically place any personalised content you've asked it to into the preview page.  

Step 3. If you wish to see Persona-lised® AND personalised content in the browser preview, you'll need to update your own CRM record so that you meet the persona criteria that you've set up.