Landing pages are pages designed with a single-minded purpose. They are the obsessives of the web, only interested in one thing, whether that’s getting a visitor to provide their contact details, sign up to a webinar, or download a white-paper.

Whilst your homepage is like a shop window, your landing pages could be seen more as the guy standing out front dressed as a large promotional pineapple trying to guide customers through the door (okay, that might not be the greatest metaphor ever).

No need for weeks of delay whilst you wait for design and development teams - Kulea allows you to create your own landing pages (and web forms). Who needs a techie!? Simply follow our step-by-step tutorials.

Check out our Landing Pages YouTube Playlist which includes four instructional films covering everything from

The function of a landing page and The difference between a landing page and a website to how to edit, duplicate, delete, and preview landing pages and adding personalised information on a landing page

Each film has an index of chapters so that you can skip to the content you need.

1) First, log into Kulea (if you haven’t already) & navigate to ‘landing pages’ > ‘create’

2) Select a theme that best suits your requirements

3)  A preview of the landing page will show on the left:

  • Navigation for personas is available at the top of the preview
  • The drop down, which defaults to ‘wysiwyg’, allows you to select the device of choice and the preview will update accordingly
  •  The preview also acts as navigation; simply click the content area you wish to edit (the selected section will get a yellow border highlight) and the details will show on the right
  • At an overview level, you’ll see the top bar holds navigation to the ‘layout’, ‘add a section’ and ‘settings’
  • As you drill down deeper into the different content areas this navigation is replaced to confirm the section you are currently editing and allows you to add content for your different personas and navigate between the persona-lised content accordingly
  • Simply click the ‘< back’ button (at the top of the right-hand panel’) to get back to the content overview

4) Content for each section will show on the right:

5) Each theme has different content sections with it and you are to able to add or remove content sections as required

-To add a new content section:

 Click the ‘add a section’ button and select the content section you want to add.

  • New content sections are added to the very top of the landing page & the right-hand panel automatically updates so you can edit the content

  • Many content sections are made up of section-specific ‘blocks’, e.g:

  1. A banner-carousel is made of several slides, each slide is a content block made up of editorial content (title and subtitle), an image + associated alt tag, and a call to action (link)

  2. Each content block on a 2-column content section is made up of an image, title, editorial summary and call to action

-To move content sections around the landing page:

First, ensure you’re on the ‘layout’ tab (just keep clicking the  ‘< back’ button at the top of the right-hand panel to get back to the content overview). Then click and hold the ‘x’ icon on the right of the content section you wish to move and simply drag it up or down the list. The preview on the left will update accordingly.

To delete a content section, simply click the red ‘trash’ icon.

To duplicate a content section, simply click the white 'duplicate' icon and then move the new content section as required

- To edit a content section:

Select the content section on the left preview OR click the green ‘pencil’ icon on the right OR click the field of interest on the right

6) Persona-lised content

You can create personas for your contacts and target different content to different personas. All your contacts will be automatically allocated to Persona X and your landing page content will always default to Persona X. However, each section within your landing page or email can be persona-lised to target each persona(s) that you've created. 

  • To add content for another persona, simply click the green ‘pencil’ icon for the content block you wish to persona-lise, click into the dropdown in the blue bar (above the right hand panel), select the persona required and click the green ‘+’ icon. Then drop in the content targeting that persona. 

  • Simply repeat. There's no limit to the number of personas you can have on a campaign. 

  • To delete the persona, simply click the red 'remove persona' button.

  • Kulea automatically adds the profile picture of a persona to a content section (righthand side) to indicate persona-lised content for ease of reference. In the blue bar above the preview of the email or landing page (lefthand side) a button for each persona is added as required to allow you to preview the content in situ for each persona.

7) To add personalised content to any of the content areas, simply click  + CRM field; select the CRM field you want to add together with the alternative text:

  • Add the personalised content by clicking the green  ‘+’  icon

  • You’ll notice a number of tags have been added to the field itself:

  • These cater for the personalisation and alternative copy (used for unknown users) and consist of an opening tag that detects if the user is a known user - [[if- chosen CRM field ]] then the CRM field itself [[ chosen CRM field ]] & the text associated with it. The CRM field is then closed  [[/ chosen CRM field ]] & the ‘else’ statement added [[else - chosen CRM field ]] to ensure the alternative text for unknown users is added and then closed  [[/else- chosen CRM field ]].

  • Don’t delete these; if you do the personalisation won’t work correctly.

  • You can add as many CRM fields as you like to any content area and repeat for each content section to fully populate your landing page.

  • To preview your landing page for an unknown user, simply click ‘Preview’.

8) To preview your landing page and double check both personalised and persona-lised content works correctly, simply:

  1. Click the ‘Who am I?’ button to choose a user for the preview
  2. A new tab will open and you’ll be presented with a list of your users
  3. Select a user to represent Persona X by clicking on the ID
  4. Go back to the Kulea tab on your browser and the click the ‘Preview’ button
  5. The landing page will open on a new browser and all content representative of the chosen user
  6. Repeat the process for your other personas

9) To save your landing page, simply click ‘save’ (top left)

10) The URL for your landing page is available top right