To add personalised content to any of the content areas in your landing pages, simply click  + CRM field; select the CRM field you want to add together with the alternative text:

Add the personalised content by clicking the green  ‘+’  icon

You’ll notice a number of tags have been added to the field itself:

These cater for the personalisation and alternative copy (used for unknown users) and consist of an opening tag that detects if the user is a known user - [[if- chosen CRM field ]] then the CRM field itself [[ chosen CRM field ]] & the text associated with it. The CRM field is then closed  [[/ chosen CRM field ]] & the ‘else’ statement added [[else - chosen CRM field ]] to ensure the alternative text for unknown users is added and then closed  [[/else- chosen CRM field ]].

Don’t delete these; if you do the personalisation won’t work correctly.

You can add as many CRM fields as you like to any content area and repeat for each content section to fully populate your landing page.

To preview your landing pages for an unknown user, simply click ‘Preview’.