Sometimes, in the world of email marketing, less is more.  

Slower email dispatch rates can inversely improve deliverability rates, so with that aim in mind, we've built a more flexible approach to email deliverability that gives you total control of the dispatch rates, times and dates.

We call it staggered campaigns.

When dispatching a staggered campaign, use the campaign inputs to configure your send rates.  

These are:

  • Send 5/8/10/50/100 emails, every...
  • 5 mins/15 mins/hour
  • every working day/weekends/every day
  • between the hours of X and Y.

You can also schedule your staggered campaign to start at some point in the future.

NOTE - select the date and the time for the send to start 

NB - Select a start time that fits within the days and times you have specified. If you don't, it won't start until such a day and time arrives (e.g. if you want to stagger the campaign across Monday and Tuesday 09:00-17:00, and you schedule it to start on a Wednesday at 10:00, it won't actually send anything until the following Monday).

Once you've input these variables, you can hit the blue evaluate button and Kulea will run the numbers to tell you the exact time/date your new campaign will finish running.  If you're happy with the delivery schedule, you can kick off your campaign by pressing the green 'start sending' button.

See the magic for yourself via the video below