We appreciate that things can occur outside of your control that can affect your business.  That's why we try to be as flexible as possible for our Kulea customers.  If you're having troubles meeting your contractual obligations, as a first step, please talk to your account handler.  We then have two options.

Pausing your Kulea account.

Sometimes you're hit by unexpected issues, and sometimes your Kulea activity is just going so well you have to hold back on the marketing to concentrate on supporting all your new customers.  In either of these two scenarios, a pause is a great place to start.

You can pause your Kulea account once every 12 months, for a period of up to three months.  After three months, or the agree period, whichever is less, your Kulea subscription will be re-activated.  You will have full access to your account during pause periods, however all email sending capabilities will be switched off.

To activate a pause period, simply instruct your account handler of the required pause period (no greater than three months) and they will issue a subscription pause notification that will need to be signed off by the account owner. Upon signing, payments will be paused after the next payment cycle

Your Kulea subscription will automatically commence again at the end of the agreed period.

If you are on one of our legacy monthly rolling plans, after the 3 months all data will be deleted from your account.

Cancelling your Kulea account.

All Kulea subscriptions come issued with subscription periods, break clauses and notice periods clearly identified in your Purchase Authorisation Notification (PAN).  Please review your PAN to clarify cancellation terms. If you are experiencing financial hardships, we recommend taking advantage of our pause option. See above.