Sometimes you just want to send out your email campaign to your whole subscriber list and the devil be damned.  But sometimes, you want to apply a little more finesse.

So, how do you apply that gentle touch in Kulea?

Well, this is where you advanced filters come in essential.  Our advanced filters work the same way whether you're accessing them from your CRM list, or within your campaign tabs (see below).  

Figure 1.  Accessing advanced filters in the CRM page

Figure 2. Accessing advanced filters in the campaign filter tab

Now, a word of caution.  When you're using a single filter, or even multiple and/or filters, things are pretty simple, but when you start combining And's, Ors and Nots (that's boolean logic, for the uninitiated), things can start to get pretty... advanced.  

We always recommend using the acronym AON (like the insurance company) to structure your filters in the right order.

So, first build in all your Ands, once you're happy with those, add your Ors, and then finally, apply and Not conditions.

To assist you further, the lovely Steve has created this handy how to video.  We hope it helps :)

***NEW FOR 2020***

You can now save filters to the My Filters area of Kulea.  This means you can construct (play) with your filters in the CRM contacts view, save them, and then apply your saved filters when sending out your campaigns.  We thought you might like that!