So, you've created a beautiful background banner, and it looks lovely in Kulea, but when you send out a test campaign and have a look on your email client, all you can see is a big empty block where your image should be.  Why oh why?


Some email clients refuse to show background images. We know, it's a pain, but there are fortunately a few things you can do to make things better.

1. Add a background colour to your banner.  This ensures that even if the image isn't displayed, foreground text is still legible

Rest assured that most email clients do show background images.  In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, only Hotmail, Comcast and Entourage are guilty of blocking background images.  We suspect it's more though, so why risk it - just add a background colour.

2. Simply use a foreground image, rather than a banner. You won't be able to overlay responsive text, but it'll still look gorgeous.  Simply add an image block in your Kulea email editor rather than a banner