Our REST API allows your server to POST XML requests to our server for various categories of events.  These requests take the form:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

<ma key="www.example.com" secret="a8aa305b-f966-421b-9729-b2fc0977c005">

  <c n="download">

    <d k="filename" v="test.docx" />


  <c n="crm">

    <d k="email" v="email@example.com" />

    <d k="forename" v="John" />  

    <d k="surname" v="Smith" />



This call logs a download against a specific user who will be added into the CRM if needed and associated with the end user.  It is possible to record this information via the JavaScript API but is better executed via the REST API, since firstly, the CRM information is not visible to the end user (view source exposes this with the JavaScript API) and secondly, the download may be triggered without writing an HTML response to the browser.