Kulea can track a whole host of other event types that you can test for in your Marketing Automation Journeys.

The tables below explains these in more detail.

Content Activities:

Form Activities:

Ecommerce Activities:

Customer makes an enquiry on your website:

NB. You can specify many items, e.g. item_0, item_1, item_2; the actual text is free-form we suggest you categorise the item in a consistent manner.

Customer adds an item to a shortlist:

Customer adds or amends a basket entry:

Customer makes an order (transaction has gone through):

Track Submit Form Data and Double Opt-In Emails


__ma_formHandler_3rd(formTitle, inputCrmFieldMappingArray, subscribe)

A helper JavaScript method is available for clients to use on their sites to make life easier, which will effectively do the following in one line of code.

  1. CRM Record created in Kulea
  2. Form Submission Event tracked in Kulea
  3. Double opt-in email sent to User and Subscribed (once validation link is clicked in email)

The method takes three parameters:

  1. formTitle – The title of the form you wish to Track the form submission MA Event as.
  2. inputCrmFieldMappingArray – A JavaScript array mapping form fields (based on html field id) and Kulea field names. 




    3. subscribe – Instructs the method whether to attempt to subscribe the user by sending a double-opt-in email.

To make use of this helper method then please follow steps below:

  1. Include JavaScript files as follows – both these lines should generally be on all pages that need a form submission tracking.<script src=“https://CompanyName.prod.kulea.marketing/ma_utils.js”></script><script src=“https://CompanyName.prod.kulea.marketing/k.js”></script>
  2. Next invoke the helper tracking method __ma_formHandler_3rd(…) – This will take care of a, b and c as described above.

    Example form:

  • Line 5 – Defines a onsubmit event which triggers off the __ma_formHandler_3rd method passing in the form title, form fields to Kulea field mapping array and a request to attempt to subscribe the user.
  • Line 6 to 9 – Define three form fields with id’s that are used for the array map that is passed in to the __ma_formHandler_3rd method
  • Line 12 – Include the JavaScript file that defines the __ma_formHandler_3rd method
  • Line 13 – Include the Kulea JavaScript file k.js