As you probably know, you can setup journeys with lead score steps and lead scores for specific page visits within the Kulea UI. 

However, you can also do this directly in your site if you wish to, e.g. the following code gives the user 10 points for clicking on a specific button:

<button onclick="g__MA(['notrack'],['lead_score',{'delta':10}]]); return false;">+ 10 points!</button>

Kulea goes one stage further than just allocating lead scores since you can also associate tags with score. For example,


var __ma = __ma || [];




                        'stag_1':'product-category:Sale Items'



This adds 10 points to the user’s lead score and also associates this score with two tags, namely Sale Items and Clothing/Accessories in the tag categories of product-range and product-category respectively.

If you use tags like this, then when you look at a user’s record in Kulea’s CRM, you’ll see a dynamic tag cloud that shows you instantly what the main interests are of the user, which is great for leading telesales calls, eg:

You can add tags to any of the Javascript calls used to send events to Kulea except for the CRM Add event, discussed in Step 2 above.