Normally, the creation of a new user record in your CRM comes about when someone fills in an enquiry form or say, subscribes to your newsletter on your web site.

Since Kulea is all about persona-lisation and improving the intelligence in your CRM, we provide a simple snippet that you can add to any form on your site that will add the user to Kulea’s CRM and also send the user a validation email so that they can opt-in to your email communications. Don't worry, Kulea won’t send them a validation email if they are already in the CRM!

So, we’ve provided a simple function called __ma_formHandler(formID, form_mapping) that we hope takes the pain out of adding CRM records and all you need to do is add this to your site:

Normally, the function is added to your page’s HTML inside the FORM tag. Here’s an example:


<FORM name=“form1’” ID=“form1” onSubmit=“__ma_formHandler(‘form1','formfname:forename,formsname:surname,formemail:email'); return any_existing_validation_script();”>

   … Your Form HTML


Since we don't know what the HTML in your pages actually looks like, we’ve just shown the __ma_formHandler function being called BEFORE any existing Javascript functions that might already be inside the onSubmit section.

Please note: The name or ID of the form should be the first parameter in the call to __ma_formHandler(formID) followed by the second parameter, which provides you with an opportunity to ‘map’ your form’s input field names to Kulea’s CRM fields, i.e. the example above shows that data retrieved the form input field called ‘formfname’ will be mapped to Kulea’s CRM field called ‘forename’, etc.