From time to time, you may want to have a close look at an individual CRM contact, here is how you do it!

Check out this playlist of films showing how to search and view your contacts.

Follow the steps below to view details about individual contacts.

1. Search your CRM database for the contact using quick search

Quick search looks in forename, surname, email for matches

2. To look at or update an individual, click VIEW

3. Select to view either CRM data, Behavioural data, and Notes:

CRM data is where you can see your contact's entire CRM information and update it if you wish

Behavioural data: This is where you can see all of the behavioural data for that contact - and you can export it into a spreadsheet as well.

Notes: This is where you can add your own notes, you can also see notes automatically created when you update your contacts.

Search Contacts:

View Contacts: