Archives an existing Kulea Contact record based on ID. It will set the archive status to true for the Contact and as a result will not be visible within Kulea (unless un-archived).


  • Archive contact with id=:id - DELETE https://{{MA2ID}}

NOTE: Once a contact is archived their subscribed status is also set to false.  Archived records will not be editable via the REST API.


  • Authorization (Mandatory String <API-KEY>) - Example: afeWER£4q3

Response (application/json)

Response will be a json object with the following fields:

  • success - if true then request was successful; otherwise failed.
  • reason - only shown if success is false and indicates the reason of failure.  Examples of failure might be if the id doesn't exist.
  • crm_id - If success then returns the crm_id that was updated.


"success": true,
"crm_id": 4294967668