Welcome to the JOURNEYS, we got fun and games... ok, not quite Guns N' Roses, but the journey builder is pretty rockin'

The journey builder is an extremely powerful part of Kulea, where you can create exciting automations for your marketing and communication.

Not only can you automate sending the perfect and relevant marketing to the right people, you and your colleges can be notified as soon as a lead becomes hotter and equally when one looses momentum and needs a little love… on that note, you can maintain relevant contact with a converted customer, keeping yourself in their mind for when they are next ready to make a purchase/decision!

Here is the great how-to video to watch, below is a written explanation of the journey builder to get you started!

Lets begin at the top:

Here is the Journey menu page, from here you can see all of your journeys in order of ‘creation’

Much like the email and landing page builder, the first green button allows you to edit the journey, the second red button will delete that journey and the third button will show Green if the journey is inactive (click it to play) Orange if the journey is active (click to pause) and White if the journey is incomplete (you will not be able to play or pause until it is complete)

When you are ready, click on the + create new button on the top right side of the screen and you can start creating your journey!

Make sure you name it so you remember which one is which, then set the start and end date (it will default to ‘todays date’ and remain ‘ongoing’ unless you uncheck the box)

You will see there is a basic journey set up for you, you can choose to delete parts of it or amend what is there. You will always start with an initial ‘IF’ trigger and you can choose from the following:

(in the journey editor you can hover over the ? for a more detailed explanation.)

What will follow your trigger (or triggers) will be your actions:

(if you hover over the buttons, an explanation will appear)

IF  =  add another trigger/condition

WAIT = this is where you can 'wait forever' for an action, 'wait N (number) of days/hours' or 'Wait until date' or 'Don't wait'

AND/OR CONDITION = this is what you can add to your 'IF' condition (for example IF 'visits specific webpage' AND/OR 'completes form')

ELSE CONDITION = this is what will happen if the IF condition is not met (you can see it is on when it is highlighted green)



SEND EMAIL = send a specific Kulea email to the CRM contact

ALERT= Alert another member of staff (you will need to build an alert email to send them

LEAD SCORE = will give that CRM contact a – or + lead score

UPDATE CRM = will update that CRM contact (you will need to assign it to a field you have created)

WAIT = will wait X time before moving to the next action

JUMP = will jump to the next stage you tell it to.

LOOP = Will put that CRM contact back into the journey to look round it (use with caution – no one wants to receive the same email infinite times!)

EXIT = will exit the CRM contact from the journey

Now you can build your journeys... but dont forget to activate them when you want them to start working!