Maybe you have an unsubscribe list from MailChimp that you need to import? Maybe you have a list of customers that you are no longer allowed to contact via email? Whenever you have a group of contacts you need to tell Kulea never to email - a suppression will unsubscribe the records on that list you import...

1) You upload your excel .xlsx file and follow the steps (much the same as importing)

2) Remember to read and accept the Kulea MA rules:

3) You can choose whether to Suppress all CRM record (updating the existing records in your Kulea CRM) or Suppress any new CRM records only (Ignoring any matches to existing records) or Just suppress any matching CRM records (ignoring any new ones on the list)

4) Now you have you list in Kulea marked as unsubscribed (in red) so no email communication can happen!

Remember you can still manually archive individual records if you only have a select few to unsubscribe/not contact: