When someone new fills out a Kulea form we require that they validate their email address via a double opt-in email. This is to confirm that the subscriber is who they say they are, in order to prevent fraudulent form filling by robots, competitors or drunken friends who think it’s hilarious to sign you up to sites you don’t want them to!

So, how the dickens does double opt-In work in Kulea?

There are 2 processes to the double opt-in (funny that). First your potential subscriber will fill out and submit a Kulea form, then we will send them out your double opt-in validation email for them to click and verify they are who they say they are and are happy to receive your communications… they are then added to your Kulea CRM.


Fills out form --> Opt-in Email --> Confirmation


Now for some handy hints and tips….

Show your unsubscribe colours

This may be the very opposite of what you want to do, however making it obvious that the client can easily unsubscribe if they want too may put the client at ease that they are not tied in forever and will hopefully jump straight to signing up!

For example:


Be engaging and tempting

So you obviously want nice, engaged subscribers who you and convert into sales quickly and easily…? Why not show the subscriber a taster of what they get once subscribed. Are they going to get an email everyday? A newsletter every week? This way, the subscriber can make an informed decision on whether or not to subscribe.

For example:



Give a little!

What is better than getting a present? (Apart from world peace). Incentives are a great way to engage subscribers by giving them value for their hard earned money…. This could be in the way of a discount coupon, a special sign up price, free gift, meaningful content, whitepapers etc.


Keep it brief


Although it would be lovely to get as much information from a subscriber in one fell swoop, however, studies show the more information you ask for, the more likely it is that your potential subscriber will not complete the form.

Creating a beautiful, compelling and honest double opt-in email will attract an engaged bank of subscribers who are interested in your services/product and that will hopefully convert into juicy sales!

…Now fly my creative pretties, fly!