Who wants to talk about GDPR?

I know, I know, it's been a somewhat time-consuming task… and many of you will only just be coming out of the GDPR hole, bleary-eyed and ready to get on with EVERYTHING ELSE on your to-do list


HOWEVER, privacy is important to maintain, so we have provided some sparkly free tools to help with your on-going compliance!

We have created a video walking you through this, and also a how-to-guide below it:

First, let's quickly walk through the Privacy features of Kulea: 

At the moment we include the following link in all your emails to allow your contacts to view, amend, export and delete their data in line with GDPR regulations:


This is the landing page it will take them too:

Here they can submit their email address and be sent an email with all of the data you hold for them….

Which will take them to subject access request page a little like this:

What we have introduced now are the tools for you to personalise and therefore comply, you can access everything you need in the CRM drop-down on the menu bar:

Let's walk through what the page can do for you…

The Privacy Information bit…

As per GDPR requirements, you must provide individuals with information; including your purposes for processing their personal data, your retention periods for that personal data, and whom it will be shared with. Information must be concise, transparent, intelligible and written in clear and plain language.

The Statement boxes are the place to write these, they will show up on the subject access request page I showed before:

The Email Footer Text bit…

Now you can automatically add your company privacy information in the footer of your emails!

You must have a valid lawful basis in order to process personal data eg. Legitimate interest. We recommend communicating your selected lawful basis for customer communication within your emails for full transparency. (For further information on lawful basis for processing personal data, please see here.)

The Subject Access Request Link bit…

Please copy and paste this link into any of your own non-Kulea digital communications if you would like your contacts to submit Subject Access Requests through other routes.

The Contact Deletion Request Notification bit…

Pop your email in here so that you are notified when a contact deletes their data, then you can make sure that any hard copies are also disposed of :)

Just before we let you go and play with the new tools....

Please note that although Kulea provides tools to assist you with GDPR compliance, we strongly recommend consulting with a certified legal body for assistance in writing privacy statements and policy as we are unable to make any guarantees as to your conformity with GDPR regulations.

Have a lovely day!