There’s a wonderfull little App called Grammarly which works seamlessly with Kulea to check your spelling and grammar when creating landing pages and emails…


Here’s a step-by-step guide for downloading to Chrome (on a Mac):


However if you want to download to any other browser or operating system then here is a handy guide coutrousy of


1) First of all search for ‘Grammarly download for chrome’ in your search engine, we used this link:


2) Now add to Chrome:

3) Follow the prompts on the screen…

4) … Until you get to hit the install button!

5) It’s so easy you just drag the App into the folder on the prompt!

6) Now you will have Grammarly in your task bar. If you click the icon you can change the language to match with your own (e.g    

British English) and make sure it is turned-on for Kulea.

7) Now Grammarly will be working with Kulea to make sure all spelling and grammar is checked! There is a handy circle at the         

bottom of your content box, which will turn red when there is an error.

8) All you need to do is hover over the word and change, ignore or add to dictionary!

Happy content writing!!