You probably know how easy it is to get your customer data into Kulea (and just in case you didn't, here's our handy how to guide), but did you know it's equally easy to get it out again?

To view your data, simply acess the CRM > records page.  From here, you can filter data by quick search (checks forename, surname and email) or persona category.  You can also apply more granular filters using our advanced option, which allows you to filter by any CRM fields you have in Kulea, layer filters, and search for negative condition eg. contact does not live in London.  You can even apply/or logic to drill down into your data to the nth degree.  To see these filters in action (and listen to our CMO singing the theme to girl from Ipanima) check out the how to video above.

Top tip...

Or conditions are inclusive - they add contacts to your filter

And conditions are exclusive - they remove contacts from your filter