Modern software uses API's (Application Programming Interfaces) to pass data between one piece of software to the next.  

Think of an API as a bridge that connects up the software of this world.  You don't want any old riff-raff crossing your bridge though, so you need to make it secure, and for that reason we give you a unique API ID (key) that acts as a security pass for any visitors looking to send or receive data into your Kulea account.

If you want to do awesome integrations with Kulea, you'll need an API key first.  This is a super secret ID that only you know that gives third party apps permission to access your account, and therefore your customer data.

We're happy to generate an API key for you, but these are cooked up in our developer lab by whisking the tears of kittens with the inspirational if ever so slightly unrealistic dreams of late 1990's tech start ups.  

So, basically send your account handler an email, and they'll get right on it for you