Yes, yes, and thrice yes.  In fact, we encourage it!

Custom double opt ins emails give you the opportunity to create beautiful, persuasive opt in emails that entice your customers into signing up to your email communications.

We'll hold our hands up - our default plain text double opt-in emails can be a little drab, so rather than rely on these, we give you the opportunity to do better by configuring specific emails for each form that a customer completes.

To send a custom double opt-in email rather than the default opt-in email, simply add a form section into a landing page (or use a form section in an existing landing page), and select the form config block, which sits nestled comfortably at the top of every form section.

Once in the form config block, scroll to the last config option, which is helpfully titled "double opt in settings" and select the email you would like to send instead of the default from the drop down.


Please ensure that whichever custom double opt-in email you select, it has the following shortcode prominently displayed within it: [[validation_link]]

Unless this shortcode is used, customers will be unable to double-opt in to your email communications.

If the shortcode is used in any email other than a custom double opt-in email, it won't work