When a customer double opts in to your email communications by clicking a validation link [[validation_link]] in your double opt in email, by default we take them to a Kulea thank you page, which, whilst lovely, probably isn't all that relevant for your business (it's got a picture of two of our robots shaking hands - sweet!).

If you're looking for something a bit more on brand, we encourage you to redirect customers to a custom opt in page of your choice.  This can either be a Kulea landing page (selected from a drop down list), or a web page (copy and paste the full url).  

This page could simply include a thank you for signing up, but it can of course be so much more. You could, for instance, use this page to:

  • Give a customer some exclusive free content, such as a white paper
  • Give the customer a promotion code to encourage them to go shopping
  • Invite the customer to an exclusive subscriber only event

The choices are endless...

Note, there are two options in the custom redirect.  

Option 1. Customer successfully opts in (we call this the welcome page-url).

Option 2. Customer has already opted in, so doesn't need to do it again (we call this the failure page-url).

You can of course send the user to the same page in both these scenarios, or you could choose to send them to different pages.  In the example we show below, we've sent new opt ins to Facebook, and customers that have already opted in to Linkedin.  Don't ask us why - we're just impulsive that way ;)

The double opt-in redirect configuration can be accessed in your owner account settings

Beneath your contact settings