The more information you have on your users, the better as a comprehensive data set enables you to create strategic and targeted marketing campaigns. An opt-in or subscriber form is the natural starting point for collecting this information but equally, you can collect information on your users on the back of a marketing campaign or survey.

Kulea allows you to create your own forms as you need them and tailor them to each persona. You can even personalise them and autofill form fields so that your known users don’t have to type in the information you already have.


This article assumes you know how to create Landing Pages.

How to create your own web form:

1) If you haven’t already, you will need to create a landing page for the form

2) On the right-hand side, click the ‘add a section’ tab and choose ‘form’  

Choose form

3) The new form will be added to the top of your landing page:

  • On the right you have the default content for a form ‘block’ that includes a ‘title’, ‘subtitle’ and ‘submit’ button
  • On the left, you’ll see a new content area for the form has been created

4) Select the top section of the form to populate the generic form fields:

  • Remember content is for Persona X first, so keep it generic.
  • If you wanted to add any personalised content to any of the content areas, simply click ‘+ CRM’ field; select the CRM field you want to add together with the alternative text
  • Add the personalised content by clicking the green ‘+’ icon

5 ) To add additional form fields, simply select the outer container for the form on the left; and on the right, you’ll see the tab ‘add a block’ 

  •  Click ‘add a block’ and click what you want to input.
  •  Navigate back to ‘layout’ and you’ll see a new form field has been added on the right
  •  Simply edit this field to map the relevant CRM field to it

6) Once you have finished building Persona X's form (the default content); you can persona-lise the form blocks if required (as you would any other content)

  • Simply select the Persona you want to edit within the blue block in the editor.
  • You’ll see a drop-down to select and a green ‘+’ icon to add persona: click on the drop-down to select the persona you wish to use & click the ‘+’ icon
  • You’ll see that Persona X has been replaced with the persona of your choice and all the content has been copied over as well
  • Simply edit the regions as required
  • You can navigate between personas on the blue box. 

7) To preview your landing page in your browser click preview on the top right, this will default to your information (so you can see your personalisation in action):

8) To check persona-lised content works correctly, simply click between the personas in the blue bar on the left, the preview will change in the left viewing box: