The clue’s in the name so I’ll be brief … CRM users are what all us marketers are striving for. These are users known to you who have a contact record in your Kulea CRM with an email address attached to it. Chances are they’ve either bought something from you or they’ve agreed to receive marketing from you.

At the very least you have their email address and, with luck, you also have their full name, title, phone number, who they work for, their job title, etc. All of this useful info sits on your Kulea CRM.  

Anonymous users are those who visit your website every day but whose CRM data you don’t have yet. Whilst you might not know them personally, they are still far from a mystery to you - you can see what pages they’re visiting, what videos they’re downloading, what products they’re interested in etc. (you know, the sort of stuff Google Analytics shows you), and when your unknown user clicks on an email you’ve sent them, or submits an online form, suddenly all that prior behavioural insight is retrofitted to your customer record, and boom!  Sales and Marketing dynamite!

Ideally you want to convert as many unknown users as possible to known users by encouraging them to opt-in to your marketing or to sign up for a promotion - you know the drill! (take a look at our blog for value adding marketing tips)

You can tell the difference between types of users in our reporting very easily - known users are shown in dark blue & unknown users are shown in light blue:


By tracking known users we build up a detailed profile on them as individuals. We know at a glance what their interests are and you have a full record of their online activity. This information, together with lead scoring, helps us to identify individuals as hot prospects, that can be contacted by your sales team.

To find out more about an individual, simply search for them within your CRM list - ‘my CRM’ > ‘contacts’ and click ‘View’. Alternatively, hot prospects are listed within ‘my CRM’ > ‘opportunities’, define the required date range and filters and double click on the user of interest for their user data, behavioural data and notes.

In reports > webpage views, you can see a timeline of page visits by anonymous users (blue) and crm users (orange)