It’s all well and good tracking your customers but it’s not much use unless you can see what they’re doing. Our 'overview report' does just that!

Tips to use:

- Select the date range &/or timeframe and filter by persona or tag to gain a more granular perspective

- Known users are indicated by dark blue; light blue represents unknown users.

- Switch between linear and slide rule view to smooth out the peaks and troughs on charts with huge fluctuations (following a big campaign for example).

- Adjust the time frame on the graph by clicking and moving the mouse left or right; double click to zoom in on a particular date range; and shift+click to zoom back out again (try doing that on GA!).


View a summary of web, email, form and content activity for the time period and filters selected; and drill into detailed page views and landing page reports by clicking on 'CRM records':

Here is a video covering all of the reports we have: